Download the Cycle Syncing Daily Planning Cheat Sheets

For beginners and seasoned cycle syncers alike, these cheat sheets help you plan your diet, exercise, and tasks around your cycle. Print it out and refer back, or use it as a digital planner.

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    Keep track of symptoms, energy levels, and sleep

    We can't improve if we don't know when or how often we get symptoms. I've learned so much about my cycle just by keeping track of symptoms.

    Plan meals with a helpful list of foods that will nourish you

    Our body needs different things during each phase. These lists will help you with meal planning, and there is an area to keep track of symptoms after your meal. Notice any patterns. Do you feel great when you eat for your cycle and sleepy when you don't?

    Tips to use each phase to your benefit

    When starting with cycle syncing, it's hard to remember what to do during each phase. The guide includes ways to improve your productivity by effectively using the energy you have now.